Video Story Draft

This project was fun to put together. I have always been a fan of video editing and enjoyed the production of it. For this project, I had a hard time coming up with exactly what I wanted to shoot. I had an idea of a different video but I wanted to make it more simple and to the point. After chatting with my roommate about my frustrations of the project, he showed me a few interview styles that he had seen on youtube and I liked style of an interviewer who frequently interviewed hip hop artists. In this style they would simply have the question in text and record the persons response. Then edited the answers and responses together in a video. I thought that this would be easiest way to create my video without having to have someone film it for me. In my video I simply wrote my questions down on a whiteboard for my roommate to read off to me, set my camera up on a tripod and hit the record button. I tried doing this alone but I didn’t feel as if my responses were real enough. I had to have someone there to throw the questions at me. What else helped was that some of the questions I was asked weren’t questions that I had written down for my roommate to ask. With that I was forced to say the first thing that came to mind, whether I was joking and being a goofball or not.

I chose to add in me goofing around in the beginning because I think it sets the mood for the video. This isn’t the news or a presentation so I didn’t want something formal looking for the beginning.

I know that the video length needs to be between 1-2 minutes so I have quite a bit of chopping down to do. I also would like to add in background music to add more personality to the video. Overall I’m interested in hearing my classmates feedback on the video and  how I can improve it. Since this is mainly an online class I haven’t gotten a chance to meet my classmates in person. I hope that through this video they get a better understanding of Seattle’s Randi and her personality. 🙂

By the way… I’m not really going to name my kid Megatron.


Opening Shot:

Show Personality. Video or photo collage

Have music volume turned up

Title credits: Questions and Answer with Seattle’s Randi


Turn music volume down but not off.


Question Text:

Video Response:

(Repeat until the end)


Video: Ending Personality Video

End Credits: Thanks to those who helped with production

Turn up music for duration of video


2 thoughts on “Video Story Draft

  1. brookebofto says:

    Hello there! I really enjoyed watching your draft video because I can tell how much fun you had making it and filming it! I feel like the video describes your personality really well, and I got a good grasp of the kind of person you are! Some things you could fix to make the video flow more is adding transitions and making the title slides be either the roll effect or crawl effect. Another thing you could do to make the final stronger is you could add background music! You could also try switching up the location to make the video have a different feel! And lastly, there were some clips I thought were a bit abrupt and short that you could take out. Overall I had a really good time watching your video and I enjoy the way you used your humor and personality in order to make this video.

  2. kylesimonson says:

    Hi! I really liked watching your video! It felt like I really got to get to know you with the way you ran your video! I thought that you were very personable throughout the video and you made it inviting to the viewers and enjoyable to watch. But there was a few things that I thought needed a little work. I felt that the transitions went a little fast, like from the clip to the transition was not very smooth and went by very quickly. Also maybe have a little more variety in the transitions and the time while in the transitions varied greatly, so maybe have a more uniform time for how long each transition is, where they are all the same length. I think adding maybe some background music or effects will also liven up the video even more! Lastly, now I could be wrong, but I think that your video is too long for what was required? And i wouldn’t want to see you get marked down just because it was too long.

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