My first Live TV Production

Happy to have worked my first live TV production as a PA. It’s amazing to see how much work goes on behind the scenes of a major production. I’m so glad to be a part of this field.

I don’t expect anyone to watch the entire video. ( it’s an hour long) but it’ll give you an idea of how fast we had to move to make everything flow smoothly.

All Aboard the Love Train Premiere! Toot Toot!


Toot Toot! Here it is!

If you didn’t know, I’ve been casted the new Cable 8 Productions show, All Aboard The Love Train. Similar to The Bachelorette and The Flavor of Love, this show is about 4 guys competing for the love of one woman, Jane. I play one of the bachelor’s, Randi Tudor, a guy who is completely obsessed with his family plumbing business. In this episode we all meet jane and board the love train.

I hope you enjoy the premiere!