My first Live TV Production

Happy to have worked my first live TV production as a PA. It’s amazing to see how much work goes on behind the scenes of a major production. I’m so glad to be a part of this field.

I don’t expect anyone to watch the entire video. ( it’s an hour long) but it’ll give you an idea of how fast we had to move to make everything flow smoothly.

All Aboard the Love Train Premiere! Toot Toot!


Toot Toot! Here it is!

If you didn’t know, I’ve been casted the new Cable 8 Productions show, All Aboard The Love Train. Similar to The Bachelorette and The Flavor of Love, this show is about 4 guys competing for the love of one woman, Jane. I play one of the bachelor’s, Randi Tudor, a guy who is completely obsessed with his family plumbing business. In this episode we all meet jane and board the love train.

I hope you enjoy the premiere!

Class Wrap up blog Post

Well… I made it to the end alive. I really enjoyed taking this class. Out of all of the classes I took this semester I would say this was my favorite one. Not because I only had to show up four times the entire semester ( although it did REALLY help when it came to sleeping in), I learned more technical skills in this class than with any class I have ever taken in my college career. What makes that so interesting to me is that it was an online class. This proves that if you really want to pick up a skill, all you have to do is get the proper tools and teach yourself.

I really enjoy video editing so easily the last project was my favorite one of the semester. I really enjoyed doing the illustrator project as well. I plan on using my logo design to market myself in the future.

I wouldn’t say that there were any specific skills that I learned in this class that I didn’t know before but I will say the skills that I did have are now more sharpened because of this class. It’s been a while since I have used Illustrator or Adobe Premiere so taking this class was kind of like a memory refresher course.

This class didn’t really influence me towards a specific career choice. Instead, it inspired me to keep sharpening my skills on all of the programs.When I went on the news station tours, one of the things I learned from the anchors was to not limit yourself to having skills one field. Being skilled in more than one area is a huge benefit in the field of communication.

The only program I wish we could have used was after effects but that would have been harder for the students to access the right the equipment since this was basically an online course.

There weren’t any videos that were shown in this class that weren’t helpful to me but there were a few confusing videos that would ask you to follow step by step and then delete half of the steps..which is kind of frustrating in the learning process.

Overall, I really enjoyed taking this class. I hope that the next content creation class I take is something similar to this class.

-Seattle’s Randi 🙂

Final Video Story

Here it is! The final version of my Adobe Premiere project and also the final project of the semester. Is it weird that i’m kind of sad that this class almost over?

For my final version I made A LOT of changes. First, I used the feedback from my classmates and made my transitions smoother. I decided to use a cross dissolve so that the color fades from red to black in the background rather than flash.

Second, I cropped down a lot on the video. When I started my video was almost 4 minutes and I didn’t want to lose points because it was too long so I cut out a lot of the questions I didn’t think were useful… unfortunately it took a bit of the personality out of the video when I did but it had to be done.

Third, I changed up the opening scene a bit and added in some of the B roll footage that I had from the original interview video. I took some of the personality out so I tried to find a way to insert it back in other places of the video.

Lastly,  I added in the background music. I have been doing my homework throughout the semester and learned the importance of the creative commons license and copyrighted materials. Instead of trying to find free-to-use music instrumentals, I asked my roommate to send me over one of his tracks that he produced. After I finalized the transitions and had all of the shots set to the order I wanted them in, I laid down the music track. After I did this I had to go back and tweak it a bit to make everything on point with the beat and transitions. After this I used the razor tool to cut the audio track in the transition spots and turned the gain down so my voice wasn’t competing with the music.

I really enjoyed doing this project. From Start to finish. Doing it made me realize how much I really miss editing. I’ll be back Premiere 🙂



Time: 0:00-0:18

  • Opening Shot: Dancing back and forth across the screen
  • Music: Volume turned up for introduction
  • Title credits: Rapid Fire with Seattle’s Randi


  • As the Questions appear on screen
    • the music volume is turned up (0.0)
  • As the Questions dissolve
    • Randi appears with video response
    • Music turns down (-15.0)

(Repeat until 1:54)

1:54 -Fade to White


  • Dancing Video with Roomate
  • Rolling End Credits- Thank You’s
  • Music Volume (0.0) for duration of video



Video Story Draft

This project was fun to put together. I have always been a fan of video editing and enjoyed the production of it. For this project, I had a hard time coming up with exactly what I wanted to shoot. I had an idea of a different video but I wanted to make it more simple and to the point. After chatting with my roommate about my frustrations of the project, he showed me a few interview styles that he had seen on youtube and I liked style of an interviewer who frequently interviewed hip hop artists. In this style they would simply have the question in text and record the persons response. Then edited the answers and responses together in a video. I thought that this would be easiest way to create my video without having to have someone film it for me. In my video I simply wrote my questions down on a whiteboard for my roommate to read off to me, set my camera up on a tripod and hit the record button. I tried doing this alone but I didn’t feel as if my responses were real enough. I had to have someone there to throw the questions at me. What else helped was that some of the questions I was asked weren’t questions that I had written down for my roommate to ask. With that I was forced to say the first thing that came to mind, whether I was joking and being a goofball or not.

I chose to add in me goofing around in the beginning because I think it sets the mood for the video. This isn’t the news or a presentation so I didn’t want something formal looking for the beginning.

I know that the video length needs to be between 1-2 minutes so I have quite a bit of chopping down to do. I also would like to add in background music to add more personality to the video. Overall I’m interested in hearing my classmates feedback on the video and  how I can improve it. Since this is mainly an online class I haven’t gotten a chance to meet my classmates in person. I hope that through this video they get a better understanding of Seattle’s Randi and her personality. 🙂

By the way… I’m not really going to name my kid Megatron.


Opening Shot:

Show Personality. Video or photo collage

Have music volume turned up

Title credits: Questions and Answer with Seattle’s Randi


Turn music volume down but not off.


Question Text:

Video Response:

(Repeat until the end)


Video: Ending Personality Video

End Credits: Thanks to those who helped with production

Turn up music for duration of video