Final Seattle’s Randi Logo


Final Logo

For my final logo I didn’t do very much to change it from the draft, mainly because the input I received from my classmates was so positive… or because I didn’t receive any input from them at all. Before I said I was going to try and throw in a background effect to the logo but I decided not to. I figured if I added one in it would make my logo stand out too much on a plain business card, or if I were to put it in front of a photo there would be a huge unnecessary yellow blob on the photo… which might be distracting.

To complete my final logo all I did was add in the space needle like I mentioned I going to do earlier. To make my space needle silhouette I used the same technique that I did for the silhouette of my body. It was a bit more difficult doing it on the space needle because there are a lot of spaces in the needle vs. one flat body tracing. The issue that I ran into was needing to move onto the next shape but not being able to get the pen tool to release the shape so I could. I figured out how to do it by clicking the selection tool and clicking back to the pen tool. It kind of worked as a reset, which was cool with me.

To me my logo represents much more than me standing with a camera. The camera in the photo is what I use for all of my video and photo work that I do. I chose to use the now playing look of my logo because not only do I do production work I also do work in front of the camera, hence the entire point of this website. My logo represents me working behind the camera doing production work but also represents me as a personality in the entertainment industry.

One thing that I should make clear. When I say my first and second logo, I do not mean I made 3 different logos for this class. The first 2 logos were logos that I previously used before this class. I also paid people to make these logos. I came up with the concept and they brought it to life for me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.39.17 PM

My 1st Logo


My 2nd Logo

The Creative Process of creating MY LOGO FOR THIS CLASS.


My Brainstorm Drawing


I thought this would be a good way to showcase the production aspect of my work in my logo.


This is to showcase the entertainment industry.


This is the photo I used for my space needle stencil


This is the photo I started out with.


Rough Draft of My Class Assignment Logo

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