Narrative Graphic Collage Draft

Previously I posted pictures of objects that I would like to edit into one single photo but after working on the draft, I realized the idea that I came up with is actually a lot
harder to bring to life than I thought it would be. Although I would still like to do this for a project, I decided to put that one on hold and focus on one that was a bit more within my skill range… which is pretty novice at the moment.

I then started going through my SD cards and found the photos I took at my cousins wedding. It was very short and rushed but I snapped the photos that I could. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use the skills I’m acquiring in school to edit their wedding photos for them.

I started by using google to find collages and came up with a few wedding examples but I didn’t have those types of photos. I watched a few youtube tutorial’s showing how to use key shortcuts, the ruler and additionally I combined this tutorial with other
skills I picked up as I searched across on the internet.

I created this collage by creating square shapes with the rectangle tool. After I used the clipping mask feature to shape the photograph under the shapes creates with the rectangle tool.
In this photo I have only placed text over the photos but I would like to make it a bit more appealing to the eye in the final project. I definitely plan on changing up the shape and possibly putting the text in front of the photos using the clipping mask.

The hardest part of this project was finding photos that would work because I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of staged photos and the ones I did were rushed. Because i’m not satisfied with this either I will probably end up changing the project again. Really, I just turned in this copy of the draft so I would receive credit for doing it… not because I am happy with the work that I’ve done.

Source Tutorial Video link:

3 thoughts on “Narrative Graphic Collage Draft

  1. crttam says:

    Hi Randi,
    I like your collage, but there are a few ways I can see that may improve it. First, you should adjust the spacing of your photos. A point that I see that needs a little work is around the bottom center photo. There is what looks like a white border around it except for at the top right of it where it is touching another photo. I suggest you fix that by either making all the photos touch it, or adjusting the top right photos to stop it from touching and continue to border look. Second, the phrase that you have in the photos is a little hard to read at some points. To fix this, I suggest you either change the location of the phrase, give the lettering some kind of border to contrast it, or even give the phrase its own background with will allow the letters to be more distinguished.
    I do however like the message that if being told here. It is very clear that this collage is about your love and appreciation for your family. You did a very good job and showing that.

  2. seattlesrandi says:

    Thanks for your feedback Matt! After reading some of your feedback posted, I came across a few things that I am going to change about my collage design. I am going to create borders separating my photos. They all seem to blend together ( especially on the bottom right corner). I think a white border will go well since my collage consists of wedding photos.
    I also plan on finding some way to make the text stand out more. There are points where my texts crosses over a few different colors so I need to find a good ( but elegant) color selection that will allow my words to stand out but not take up all of the attention in the collage.
    I feel as if even though the photos were all taken on the same day the exposure in the photos are different. I’m going to try to adjust the colors to get them to all look the same. If I can’t get it to work I may switch to black and white and see how different it makes the collage look. I don’t want to have the wording stand out too much over the family photos.

  3. ericmcadwell says:

    Hello Randy!
    I really like the message your photo collage conveys. It is a very powerful, yet easy to message to understand. The photos you chose perfectly illustrate unity in your cousin’s new marriage. I can clearly see what is important to you. However, I do have a couple of critiquing points I would like to make on your collage.
    The first thing I would like to respectfully point out is the blending of the bottom middle photo and the top right photo. Both pictures are equally important, but the blend of both can confuse the eye at. Maybe place a border or background behind the bottom middle photo. However, do not move the bottom middle picture because I believe it is the center focus of your college. The second thing I would like to critique is the bottom left two pictures. Both are important in telling the story of your cousin’s marriage, but both are oddly mixed. Perhaps you can place a border behind or between both photos, so they can be seen individually. Overall, your collage is amazing!

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