Final Narrative Graphic Collage

Asha and Jamar Final

Here is the final of my collage. This was difficult. When I sat back down to work on the final collage from the draft I kept coming across different technical issues that made me so frustrated that I completely started over with my project to produce my final.

Most of the comments I received on my rough draft were about the bottom right two photos looking as if they were blended together and about how the text was getting lost in the photos.

One of the most noticeable things that I did with the photos was switch out a few of them. I took out the two photos that appeared to be blending together and replaced with another significant photo from the ceremony. Also, I couldn’t find the family photo that I had originally used so I used another one that I found on my hard drive.

One of the biggest issues I had with editing the draft was setting the borders. I created the stroke layer style in one of the photos and thought that copying and pasting would apply to all of the images the same. Once I did this to all of the photos all of the borders ended up being different sized. I realized that I had forgotten that I had used my DSLR camera, so the photos were high resolution and were going to give me a headache when it came to sizing. So the collage actually looked worse once I applied the inside stroke. To fix this, when I created the new final version I placed the photo over the placement holder before I added the clipping mask to make sure I had close to the size that I needed. After this I had to go through each individual picture and adjust the inside stroke size so that it looked like the border was the same distance all around the edges. I think I did a pretty good job with hiding the fact that they aren’t all the same size. This was probably the most frustrating part about the entire collage. I still haven’t found the solution to getting the stroke in the photos in the middle to touch all borders.

I received a few comments about the text and how it was blending into the background so I added gradient overlay, outer glow and a few other layer effects to make the words stand out a bit more than they were before. Now I am happy with the way the text and photos stand out.

Narrative Graphic Collage Draft

Previously I posted pictures of objects that I would like to edit into one single photo but after working on the draft, I realized the idea that I came up with is actually a lot
harder to bring to life than I thought it would be. Although I would still like to do this for a project, I decided to put that one on hold and focus on one that was a bit more within my skill range… which is pretty novice at the moment.

I then started going through my SD cards and found the photos I took at my cousins wedding. It was very short and rushed but I snapped the photos that I could. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use the skills I’m acquiring in school to edit their wedding photos for them.

I started by using google to find collages and came up with a few wedding examples but I didn’t have those types of photos. I watched a few youtube tutorial’s showing how to use key shortcuts, the ruler and additionally I combined this tutorial with other
skills I picked up as I searched across on the internet.

I created this collage by creating square shapes with the rectangle tool. After I used the clipping mask feature to shape the photograph under the shapes creates with the rectangle tool.
In this photo I have only placed text over the photos but I would like to make it a bit more appealing to the eye in the final project. I definitely plan on changing up the shape and possibly putting the text in front of the photos using the clipping mask.

The hardest part of this project was finding photos that would work because I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of staged photos and the ones I did were rushed. Because i’m not satisfied with this either I will probably end up changing the project again. Really, I just turned in this copy of the draft so I would receive credit for doing it… not because I am happy with the work that I’ve done.

Source Tutorial Video link:

Photoshop Tutorials

Remember when I said I would be using my site for assignments? Well… Here is my first one. It was to digitally edit these photos  by instruction. I am going to post these Backwards…  after and then Before



Here are the photos before I edited them