One thought on “AJ Draft-Recovered1forsite

  1. tiffanylc says:

    Randi, I want to start off with saying that I love the overall message of your collage. It is very easy to identify what is important to you! One thing however, i would like to kindly critique a few elements. First, the two pictures in the bottom right corner are very hard to differentiate. They kind of blend together and it makes it hard to tell what each individual picture is which is a shame because they are both very important pictures of your collage. Second, the overall balance of the picture is a little off. I believe this is also due to the two pictures in the bottom right corner. It gives the right side more of a cluttered look rather than having the overall collage look balanced and polished. However, the strongest part of your collage is your message, specifically the quote. It helps tie together all of the pictures used to help portray that your marriage and family are very important to you. The quote also helps identify the overall message of the collage. Overall, I believe that this was very well done. However with some consideration of these small critiques I believe they could help you make it perfect!

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