News Station Tours


Last week while most students were sleeping in enjoying their first day of the thanksgiving break, I spent my day feeding my brain with knowledge and making connections that will last me a lifetime. Last Monday, I had the opportunity to tour a few different news and media production stations around the Seattle Area.  It was the best hands off learning learning experience I could ask for.  🙂

It started early with a tour of Kiro 7 first then we later moved to King 5, Komo 4, Q13 and Root Sports. This experience was great because it allowed us to network and ask questions with the staff on set and get a first hand view of how news is produced at big news stations. One thing that was cool was that we were able to watch one of the live news casts on set and in the control room where all of the chaos happens. What else was pretty cool… every single station we visited had a few alumni from my school. The network that lies between the students and alumni of my school is unreal. The alumni are all over the United States but they are most populated along the west coast. This is a great thing for me because I’d like to stay on this part of the coast after I finish school.

These news station tours helped me realize a few things:

  1. Opportunities are out there, you just have to go out there and seek them. Opportunity answers to those who knock.

2. Edward R. Murrow was the biggest boss my school has seen thus far.

3. Sometimes you have to take the job you DON’T want in order to get the job you DO want.

4. The more talents you have, the more valuable you are. Don’t cap yourself at learning how to do one thing.

4. I go to a Dope ass school that produces dope ass people. I am so happy that I chose to come here for my education. 🙂

(Well… some of these things I already knew)


Halloweekend in Pullman

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So I know I’m super late with posting my pictures but this was a hectic week with school and every other time I attempted to upload I kept getting an error message. BUT, here are my photos from friday night. I got out pretty late on Saturday night due to my night work schedule on halloween, so I didn’t get a lot a lot of photo opportunities on halloween but on Friday I still got out for a few hours and had a great time with great people. I met a bunch of cool and interesting new people. I definitely want to party with them again.

Here is a recap of my night. 🙂

Audio Draft- Interview

For my audio assignment I decided to focus in on interviewing and sports. Recently I was admitted for training with the Pac 12 Network so I decided that I should get started with my experience in sports interviewing to get ahead of the game. I chose to interview Marcellus Pippins, a cornerback on the Washington State Cougars Football team, for the focus of this assignment. This past weekend they had an amazing blowout against Oregon State and I had a great time at my first cougar football game so I thought it would be fun to report on it.

I had 2 major issues with the completion of this draft. 1 all of the footage from the football game that I had posted on snapchat was deleted after it’s 24 hours of being online. This left me with no ambient sounds to add into my recording. I searched the internet for hours looking for something similar to the type of footage that I had. I came across a youtube video of when the cougars beat USC and the excitement and joy sounded the same as the video I had posted to my snap timeline. I quickly got into stalker mode and tracked down the creator of the video and asked them for permission to use the audio off of their youtube video. Problem Solved.

Audio Draft Link

My second issue with putting this project together was finding somewhere quiet enough to do all of the audio recordings. I did my recordings in 2 separate places and didn’t realize the difference in sounds of the room until I had already recorded both of them and left. After I started editing the project into one file I noticed how different the backgrounds sounded. I plan on adding some kind of background music relevant to the story but not too energetic. I hope that this added in audio will drown out the background noise difference in the two locations and make all of the audio flow more smoothly.

I have a few more things that I want to tweak on this recording.. I may even do the audio recording of myself over again with a new background to solve the problem. This is frustrating.

Adobe Audition Tutorials

This assignment was fun to do. Especially the interview portion. I sat with my crazy roommates and asked them 4 questions about me. The video was only supposed to be 2 minutes but it ended up being over 4 because of their responses. What I love about this interview is the audio of the 4 of us is really our personalities and how we are on a daily basis. Click below to listen to our hilarious 4 minutes of Me and my crazy household.

Roomate Interview Raw

Of course I had to edit a few funny moments out of my interview but I left what was needed. The raw version was far more comedy.

Roomate Interview Edited Final

Counting Mixdown

Counting Final

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