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For my audio assignment I decided to focus in on interviewing and sports. Recently I was admitted for training with the Pac 12 Network so I decided that I should get started with my experience in sports interviewing to get ahead of the game. I chose to interview Marcellus Pippins, a cornerback on the Washington State Cougars Football team, for the focus of this assignment. This past weekend they had an amazing blowout against Oregon State and I had a great time at my first cougar football game so I thought it would be fun to report on it.

I had 2 major issues with the completion of this draft. 1 all of the footage from the football game that I had posted on snapchat was deleted after it’s 24 hours of being online. This left me with no ambient sounds to add into my recording. I searched the internet for hours looking for something similar to the type of footage that I had. I came across a youtube video of when the cougars beat USC and the excitement and joy sounded the same as the video I had posted to my snap timeline. I quickly got into stalker mode and tracked down the creator of the video and asked them for permission to use the audio off of their youtube video. Problem Solved.

Audio Draft Link

My second issue with putting this project together was finding somewhere quiet enough to do all of the audio recordings. I did my recordings in 2 separate places and didn’t realize the difference in sounds of the room until I had already recorded both of them and left. After I started editing the project into one file I noticed how different the backgrounds sounded. I plan on adding some kind of background music relevant to the story but not too energetic. I hope that this added in audio will drown out the background noise difference in the two locations and make all of the audio flow more smoothly.

I have a few more things that I want to tweak on this recording.. I may even do the audio recording of myself over again with a new background to solve the problem. This is frustrating.

4 thoughts on “Audio Draft- Interview

  1. josiezabala says:

    I absolutely love how you did with this! Definitely keep the beginning go cougs as well as your tone throughout the audio because it does sound like an interview which makes it very interesting to listen to. I do however think that when you interview the quarterback at the beginning of your audio, you should try to turn up the volume a little bit more because it is very quiet and hard to hear. There is also an awkward pause between you saying “it was one for the books” and then the next interview you are giving and I think you should add some type of music in that or even trying to find an instrumental of the WSU fight song. I think that would make it even more interesting than it already is. All in all this is a great audio story and I’m excited to hear what you change for your final draft!

  2. kerrycolby says:

    Hi Randi,
    I really liked your idea about interviewing a WSU football player. It’s clear that you’re passionate about sports and you definitely have a great voice for broadcasting! I loved how you incorporated sounds from an actual football game at the beginning. It was a unique and creative way to start off your story, so definitely keep that in there! For improvements, I would adjust the volume on some of the pieces of audio. Your voice was loud enough, but I would increase the volume of Marcellus since he was slightly hard to hear at times. I would also consider fading into the introduction of the crowd noise so it doesn’t sound as abrupt. Another suggestion would be to give a short introduction before your interview begins about how WSU football relates to you. Making it a little more personal could enhance your audio story and relate it to you. Overall, you did a really great job and you don’t have many improvements to make!

  3. zackm31 says:

    Hey Randi,
    I really love your topic just cause I am a big sports fan, and even a bigger Cougar fan. I think it was really interesting what he and yourself talked about. One of the things I think you can work on is raising Marcellus’s voice accordingly to match the overall sound of the interview. I had to continue to lower and raise my volume accordingly. I loved the intro because I thought it was super unique and it was the perfect intro to what you were trying to have come across. I also think you could create an outro just because your intro was so good. Maybe add in some music or something like that. I really enjoyed your presentation though!!!

  4. butterfieldha says:

    Very nice interview! I like the tone of your voice and the content is current and entertaining. I think that you could work on fading in and out the “go cougs” bit in the beginning. I also would encourage you to try and push yourself more in creating a livelier environment in which you and the person you are interviewing can work in. I think in an interview setting it is very easy to be content with less than superb content and I think that you could definitely achieve that through your personality. Overall, I enjoyed the interview and I thought that the questions asked were thought out and relevant.

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