Ediitng- Up in the Air… an Editing Challenge


This was one of the hardest project we had to for the editing class because not only was it 3 different scenes, we had the crappiest of crap footage to deal with. My teacher told us “a great editor is one who can make shitty footage look like magic”. So I played with the cards I was dealt and this was the end product. We were also to look for background music to go with the project. I chose paralyzer mainly because I didn’t want 2 R&B songs and I felt like it fit the beginning scene. After I chose “Can’t believe”. I think the sadness of the beat matches well with the mood of the scene.

Sisters With Voices

Like with Jon B, I wasn’t really able to get a lot of extra footage of SWV performing. I really did enjoy the show. They performed my favorite hits from when I was a young’n. Since they weren’t moving I figured it would be easy to zoom in on them while performing and it wasn’t! It blurs when you zoom in. This is a problem I’m looking to find the solution on.