“CockTails” with Too $hort

Man oh man… it was so hard to record and not sing along to the songs at this show. He’s one of my favorite rappers so when I heard he was coming to town I hit the road to Olympia with my Buddy Ryan.

This wasn’t the best quality of Video but with all of the pushing that was going on where I was… I did the best that I could. This one goes in the books as a Favorite. I Love me some Too Short.


Mistah Fab and… Worldstar???


Aaahh the lovely world of Worldstar HipHop… After the Ray J Video had went up on worldstar I started sending videos in when I felt they were worldstar worthy. This is the First NON-Violent (Lol) video I had up on worldstar. On youtube I only got about 350 views but on worldstar… well that was a different story.


Wiz Khalifa.. Fashawn and Logics

This was THE BEST concert I have been to. I was able to attend the day and night shows so I was able to record songs that weren’t at the All ages show. I was in the crowd for the earlier show but was on the stage for the night show which enabled me to get waaay better video. Although the lighting in the room was terrible and I didn’t have an additional flash, I still like the way the video came out.

Big Sean and the Pack

I LOVED this show! Again I brought my flip cam and my DSLR to the Event. At this show I realized how difficult it is to film IN a live crowd. You get lots of back audio with people singing along all around you as well as the rowdiness of everyone trying to reach the front ( not to mention the crazy fights that happen up front)

Luckily I was able to get backstage,take a few photos and get a few drops for then 206wetness.com