Final Audio Project

This project was a fun one to capture and to edit. Again, I didn’t receive a lot of feedback saying the things that I should change other than raising some of the audio levels and adding in more audio. I think my interview would have been a lot more interesting and fun to listen to if I could have my project be longer than 2 minutes. So unfortunately I couldn’t take my classmates advice and add in an outro. It was already so hard trying to narrow down what had to go and what got to stay, that I couldn’t possibly add in more audio. I also wanted to use the WSU fight song but I didn’t know if there would be any type of copyright issues with the lyrics so I just went without it.

For my audio, I used an audio recorder I downloaded on my cell phone. This works as an advantage because you don’t need to purchase an extra mic or lug around any extra equipment.Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 6.30.17 PM

All of the footage that I recorded at the game and put on snapchat erased after 24 hours so I was left with no additional audio to play with. I searched the internet and found a video online of crazed fans screaming ” go cougs” after a WSU VS. USC game. So I tracked down the author to get their permission to use it in my video.

One of my biggest issues with this project was trying to find a space that I could record good audio in. I live in a noisy apartment complex that has music playing at all hours of the day and night. Another complication that I had with recording at my place was that I have hardwood floors and the sound would bounce off of the floors and walls, giving me a lot of feedback in my recordings.

Aside from turning the audio up I faded the crowd in and out as well as took out a many of the “Um’s” that I could without ruining the audio. It’s also pretty obvious that I cut the interview down so I could make the 2 minute limit.

Being honest, this isn’t my best work… and I’m happy to admit that. I don’t really like the way this sounds and I know that I can produce better audio work than this. Unfortunately, due to my school load right now I didn’t have the time to go back and re-record the audio. So I had to make due with what I had. A few years ago one of my teachers told me “ A true editor can take the crappiest footage and turn it into gold”. I’m hoping this is at least bronze. :-p

Link to Audio Final

I love editing video so I can’t wait to start working on the next unit! 🙂

Final Narrative Graphic Collage

Asha and Jamar Final

Here is the final of my collage. This was difficult. When I sat back down to work on the final collage from the draft I kept coming across different technical issues that made me so frustrated that I completely started over with my project to produce my final.

Most of the comments I received on my rough draft were about the bottom right two photos looking as if they were blended together and about how the text was getting lost in the photos.

One of the most noticeable things that I did with the photos was switch out a few of them. I took out the two photos that appeared to be blending together and replaced with another significant photo from the ceremony. Also, I couldn’t find the family photo that I had originally used so I used another one that I found on my hard drive.

One of the biggest issues I had with editing the draft was setting the borders. I created the stroke layer style in one of the photos and thought that copying and pasting would apply to all of the images the same. Once I did this to all of the photos all of the borders ended up being different sized. I realized that I had forgotten that I had used my DSLR camera, so the photos were high resolution and were going to give me a headache when it came to sizing. So the collage actually looked worse once I applied the inside stroke. To fix this, when I created the new final version I placed the photo over the placement holder before I added the clipping mask to make sure I had close to the size that I needed. After this I had to go through each individual picture and adjust the inside stroke size so that it looked like the border was the same distance all around the edges. I think I did a pretty good job with hiding the fact that they aren’t all the same size. This was probably the most frustrating part about the entire collage. I still haven’t found the solution to getting the stroke in the photos in the middle to touch all borders.

I received a few comments about the text and how it was blending into the background so I added gradient overlay, outer glow and a few other layer effects to make the words stand out a bit more than they were before. Now I am happy with the way the text and photos stand out.

Ediitng- Up in the Air… an Editing Challenge


This was one of the hardest project we had to for the editing class because not only was it 3 different scenes, we had the crappiest of crap footage to deal with. My teacher told us “a great editor is one who can make shitty footage look like magic”. So I played with the cards I was dealt and this was the end product. We were also to look for background music to go with the project. I chose paralyzer mainly because I didn’t want 2 R&B songs and I felt like it fit the beginning scene. After I chose “Can’t believe”. I think the sadness of the beat matches well with the mood of the scene.