A New Beginning


Hello! Welcome to ( or back to) my blog. There will be a lot going on with this blog throughout the months so please buckle your seatbelt and ride with me as I go through this journey.

In 2010, when I attended video school I took a wide range of classes that introduced me to software like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. As I complete my next degree I will reintroduce myself to these programs as well as create with the digital animations program Maya, and will also make up my own projects during my free time. I’m simply doing this to sharpen my skills so your comments and advice are always welcome.

I will be using my website as my focus in one of my classes I am taking towards my communications degree so there will be a variety of videos, projects and assignments posted on this blog, and most of them will be about myself. I chose to focus on myself for this project because I’d like to continue to mold and shape myself as a technical professional as well as on my blog which represents my internet presence and what I enjoy doing for a living.

I hope to be able to put together a few different videos and work all of the aspects of broadcasting communications that I can while in school. I go to a great school that has a lot of options and opportunities available before and after graduation so I hope I can still network like I did when I ran 206 Wetness!

For those of you who don’t know what 206Wetness is, it’s a site I created a few years ago that featured a lot of the seattle area entertainers and events when they came into town. I enjoyed doing it but It was a lot of work. So Much that I couldn’t handle it all on my own. My biggest issue I had with this was that I knew how to work both sides of the camera but I couldn’t work both sides of the camera plus network and run the entire website. It came to a point where I had to choose between focus on school or focus on my website, and I chose school.

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