Being as Cheap as I can be….

Lately I have been Couponing like crazy. I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate my ability to save  in with the work that I would like to do in the future.. Video work. Any Video professional knows how expensive it is to buy professional equipment…. It sucks. ( and to think at one point in time I was saving up to buy one of these..)

I got on google and started to search around for ways to create my own Video equipment. It may not be as durable as real equipment but it works for what you need it for. Shown below is a video I found on youtube explaining how to create a stabilizer formatted differently buy it essentially does the same thing. Using PVC Pipes you can create this for about 5.00!

I went and purchased the materials for this and only ended up spending about 4.75 on all of the equipment. I also found a coupon for a mini light that I will redeem at the Hardware store. I’ll use this as my video light.

I will post my final product when it is finished!


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